Traveling Update! – September 27th

So. I took off again. September 27th, 2017  - Written from the airspace above Canada on the way to London And thus begins the first chapter (or rather, a follow-up chapter) of my travels across the globe. On Saturday, September 23rd, I booked a ticket for the ferry. You can imagine moms surprise when I told… Continue reading Traveling Update! – September 27th


Reverse Bucket List – Navigating Waters

I only learned about reverse bucket lists recently. The idea is to appreciate all the cool things you have already done with your life. Like the things that make you unique. So here are 100 events that have shaped me into who I am today. Went commercial fishing Went downhill skiing just a little tipsy Skinny… Continue reading Reverse Bucket List – Navigating Waters

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The “Things That Make Me Happy” Post

I live on an island off the coast of Alaska. For the last three weeks, the clouds have made it their mission to completely destroy any chance I had of spending the spring outside. It has been either fogged out, lashing rain or hailing every day since I came home. Needless to say, SAD (Seasonal-Affective-Disorder)… Continue reading The “Things That Make Me Happy” Post