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Quick Detour! – Catalonia Politics, Center Stage

Alright. I'm taking a quick detour from travel updates to give you a little photoset of one of my favorite experiences. If you haven't heard already, there is tension between the Spanish government and Catalonia (the geographic region around Barcelona). Among other reasons, the Catalans feel they provide more economic benefit to the country than… Continue reading Quick Detour! – Catalonia Politics, Center Stage


Traveling Update! – September 27th

So. I took off again. September 27th, 2017  - Written from the airspace above Canada on the way to London And thus begins the first chapter (or rather, a follow-up chapter) of my travels across the globe. On Saturday, September 23rd, I booked a ticket for the ferry. You can imagine moms surprise when I told… Continue reading Traveling Update! – September 27th