About Me

lolol-1-of-1-2In true New Years Resolution fashion, this site was launched as an attempt to carve out an inspiring and fresh perspective on the coming year with a mindful and ever present eye on self actualization and personal achievement. 

…Now that’s a mouthful description I’m sure both my psychology professor and therapist would be proud of. 

In all actuality, this site might never see the light of day. I’d like to see it as an imitation of things I would like to be. You know the old saying – fake it till you make it? That’s the motivation. Maybe if I attempt to carve out some sort of personal recollection and event-by-event appreciation of my life this year, I’ll find myself in a better place by the end of it. We’ll see. 

So it you love possibly meaningless ramblings, terrible travel updates, sub-par photography and possible vegan recipe obsessions, this is the place to be!

So.. About me. 

img_4496My name is Ellen! I live in Kodiak, Alaska, an island just south of the good old AK mainland. I’m a 20 year old college student with a huge fascination with learning new things but little patience with the idea of choosing just one major or a career or a life when there’s so much to discover. I’m currently studying Marketing with a minor in Economics and Math but 2 weeks ago it was a major in Math with a minor in Finance, so we’ll see how it goes. This site is dedicated to discovering who I am and hopefully achieving who I want to be. 

♥ Ellen