Astrophotography: Trials and Tribulations

I am writing this post so I can link a ton of photos in one place without messing around with dropbox and google drive. Professor Cullen, this is for you.

I tried my hand at astrophotography. Yep. That’s right, astrophotography. I’m introducing some big words into this blog. You better watch out!

I decided to do this, because 1) I recently found out I can do long exposures on my camera (who knew, right??), 2) I thought it might help me understand a little more astronomy for my class. 3) who doesn’t love standing in the cold at night when there are bear sightings all the time? This girl. The answer is this girl. It was cold and terrifying.

So, I’ll stop ranting. Here are the results. Peep that milky way, and a little red mars just under it. So sick. Seriously guys, the universe is so awesome.


Okay. I’ll give you a nice proper post about all this a little later. Check ya later alligators!


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