Wow, I suck.

I am quite possibly the worst blogger in all of history. I think I’ll put that on a tee shirt. Better yet, I hope my future kids give me one of those ridiculous mugs with “#1 Worst Blogger in History” on it. It’ll just be so fitting.

But anyway. Here I am. Albeit, a little late.

I write to you in September, many many months after my last post. I am sitting in a little library in my hometown, drowning in calculus problems, and aching after the lap swim I did earlier. (Bad idea, by the way. Swimming laps is a exercise created by the devil himself).

Anyway, here’s the recap.

  • After Turkey, I went to Greece, Thailand(you heard me right) – Bangkok, Koh Phangan, Phuket- so much fun, Cambodia (Siem Reap and Phnom Penh), Singapore, Malaysia, BACK TO LONDON (plot twist!), Ireland again, Portugal, Barcelona again, New York, LA, Seattle, Anchorage and then back again to Kodiak, almost 9 months later.
  • Went hiking up a mountain literally the weekend I got back to town, and snapped my ACL completely in half. Very sore, very traumatic. We’ll have a seperate post for that one later. After injury, I researched and did stem cell??? regenerative therapy, did physical therapy forever, and am only now moving properly again.
  • Was not on the boat for the first time in almost decade, so I spent my entire summer moping around, watching mindless tv, and being an absolute (mom’s fav term for me) ‘Meltdown Mary.’ V v disgusted with myself in hindsight but oh well *insert shrugging emoji’s here*
  • With no money, no prospects, and no motivation, travel is off the table for a minute. So I.. decided to go back to school! Yay! More homework!
  • I also may have accidentally fell completely head over heels for the kiwi I was traveling with (and continued to travel with until I left Europe). He came to visit me in Kodiak for the summer, overstayed his welcome a little bit, and went home. More details regarding all that later…
  • I’ve taken up every activity that involves me moving, but not damaging my knee, so lap swims have become my most recent form of self-torture.

There’s honestly a lot to recap, so I’ll break it down in:

  2. What it’s Like Coming Home After so Long
  3. ‘Injury Makes You Stronger!’ and Other Crap They Keep Telling Me
  4. Deciding to Go to Uni Online! and How I Stay Organized
  5. Travel Flings.. Worth It?

Anyway, I’ve got to run, or rather walk, home and get some food in my belly. I’ll get to writing this evening before bed.. promise!

Love always xx

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