Travel Update – December 5th!


I am trying, so very hard, to update you on all these cities before I leave them, but sometimes it just doesn’t happen. Sorry about that. But anyway..

Prague. I was in Berlin, as you probably know. I was biding my time, wandering across the city. The usual.

On Thursday night though, Tabea texted me.

“Wanna go to Prague?”




And thus began my trip to Prague. I booked a bus and a hostel the next morning, got moving from Berlin and was headed her direction before I knew it. When I got in, we hugged, chatted, caught up, laughed too much. She had met some Germans from our room and was planning on going out with them that night. I, however, was deathly ill and opted out.

Suuuuper quick note about sickness on the road. You will get sick. A lot. Lack of sleep, constant activity, and liter after liter of beer makes for a very very warn down immune system. Take your vitamins, kids. You’ll need them.

The next morning, when we surfaced from our respective comas, we took the town by storm. The kiwi, who had never had a white christmas was overjoyed. And let me tell you, Prague did not disappoint.

Prague is quite literally a fairytale. Everywhere you look, it’s like you’re walking in a storybook. Between castles and spires and art on the buildings… It’s magical. It was even better too, when the Christmas markets started opening up. Everything had a bit of a shimmer to it.

We spent that weekend together taking photos, drinking liters of mulled wine, sharing chimney cakes, obnoxiously meeting strangers, stopping at every jewelry shop in the city, and laughing much too much. I love Tabea. She is great.

Unfortunately though, she had to go back to her au pair job across Germany the next day. I walked her close-ish to the bus station and then walked back, eager to sleep off my flu.

I actually ended up spending almost a week in Prague. Quite a lot of this time was spent walking across the city, window shopping and trying to get myself well again.

3 days before I left, I ran into Matt again. Remember him from Berlin? Because I’m sure he’ll come up again, let me give you a quick run down on Matt. He’s an aussie from Perth, is 22, owns/operates a vegan restaurant in Sri Lanka, and one of the kindest people you’ll meet. He can definitely hold his own, but makes sure to include you in all things.

I ended up going to meet Matt at his hostel a few times, where I met more people. Tyler, a film sound engineer from Kentucky/Chicago who can bullshit like no one I’ve ever met. Ben, a hilarious Brit that spent his entire time laughing at everyone else. Shannon, a kiwi working in London at a 5 star hotel to the stars. She had been traveling around with Tyler ish for a while and they got on really well. Elmar, a reportedly famous dutch DJ who has in Prague for a few gigs that week. And Josh, an American who had been traveling for almost 17 months. And then handfuls of others.

The first time I met these people was at a place called the Dog Bar, an underground music venue with cheap beer and a really weird vibe. There were also massive dogs walking around the bar, so that was pretty cool. Pretty aptly named.

The next time I met these people, we sat around playing ridiculous drinking games at Matt’s hostel (It’s called Sir Toby’s, if you want to go). I actually really loved these people. Hopefully I’ll be able to see them again.

Matt and I also went out to dinner at vegan restaurants across Prague every night that he was there. “Market Research” apparently. I didn’t complain. It was really great food.

After almost a week, I texted my uncle Pat, curious how the hell I get to his house. He quite literally lives in the middle of nowhere. There are no Flix Buses going there, unfortunately.

I ended up in a little Czech spa town, Karlovy Vary, waiting for him to come pick me up. After some miscommunication and wandering around in the cold, I finally found him and headed back across the border to Germany. But that’s another story. One I hope to update you on soon. Thanks for sticking this out! Love you much.




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