Travel Update! – November 16th

Hey hey hey. I am doing really well with this blogging thing. You should be proud. Last I talked to you, I was in Lisbon, headed on a bus to Sevilla, unsure of the my next move from there.TravsSeville2-5.jpg

I got to Sevilla early Saturday morning. Wandering the cold streets of southern spain, I was honestly unimpressed. To me, Sevilla felt a little like a Spanish version of Florence. Narrow streets, tall buildings, pretty balconies, but not a whole lot of stuff. Definitely more of a living city than a touristing city.

Don’t get me wrong though, Sevilla is pretty. Gorgeous actually. Just not exactly what I was hoping for. If you want a recap of my perspective on Florence, go back to that one and read it. Around the 15th or so of October. Very similar vibe.


While in Sevilla, I met up once again with Tabea. We stayed a couple nights before Tabea headed east for Granada, keen on taking off into the Sierra Nevada mountains. While we were together, we spent a large amount of our time wandering through the city. We visited Alcazar, an old moorish palace where they filmed a few of the scenes in Game of Thrones. The amount of detail and precision in everything there was unbelievable. I could have spent a good week in there and still not see everything. Would highly recommend.

After Alcazar, we strolled down the river, saw the Torre de Oro, and chatted our way through the streets. I mention again, as I always do, that Tabea is brilliant and on the top of my list of great people I’ve met while traveling.

Just before the day was over, I went to meet up with Brian. You remember Brain right? The geology major from Utah studying in Barcelona that I met in Lisbon? Here’s a picture just in case you want a face for the name. Brian. 6’4″. Geology Major. Aspiring Ski Bum. Funny as Hell. Cool dude.


So yeah, met up with Brian and his roommates from Barca, Brennan and Chandler. Chandler is from Phoenix and is supposedly the best cook in all of Barca. Chandler is possibly the most archetypal American I’ve ever met. Good people…

Turns out Tabea met Brian the night earlier, while I was on my bus to Sevilla. Their general conversation went..”Yeah I have a friend from Alaska coming tomorrow.” “Oh my god, me too!” and thus the circles overlapped, the ties came together, and the seperate travelers I’ve met while suddenly had a mutual friend. Isn’t that cool?


So we all went out for burgers that night at some really really great restaurant and sat around for a couple drinks. The rest of the gang was headed to a flamenco concert and I sat, slouched against the table, ready to pass out. So I went home. Thankfully. Do not minimize the importance of sleep. Sometimes, regardless of the FOMO (fear of missing out) you get, it’s the best thing you can do for yourself.

The next day I spent with Brian. He had a plane to catch back to Barcelona later that night, and I had another day of aimless wandering ahead of me, so we took off to see the city together. After a good long stroll, some amazing ravioli, a couple of beers and a very quick goodbye, we parted ways. Him back to Barca, me back to trying to decide where I want to go.


Do you remember in the last post when I talked about my fierce independence? And I categorized it with the Sagittarius character traits like candid, spontaneous, passionate etc?? One of those traits was restlessness. I find that the longer I travel, the more antsy I get in towns I don’t particularly like. The more willing I am to shove my stuff in a bag and take off on the next train/plane/bus/ferry leaving. Which is exactly the feeling I got in Sevilla. That night, as I debated whether or not to head east to meet up with Tabea in Granada or not, I grew weary of chasing people across countries. I wanted to make a decision for myself and not for the people I’d potentially meet up with again there.

So I decided on Madrid. Again. The next morning, after having breakfast with Tom (remember him from Oasis in Lisbon??), I packed my stuff, ran to the bus station and hopped on the next bus to Madrid. Back again. I’ll update you on that one soon.


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