Travel Update! – November 9th

I’m not going to even pretend like I wrote this a week ago. I didn’t.

Today I’m sitting in my hostel in Lisbon, avoiding the seemingly meaningless responsibilities of my one university course. I sit here, halfway through the morning, on the cusp of yet another travel decision, to yet another place, to yet another hostel, to yet another group of travelers, to yet another fleetingly goodbye.

I’m set to hit 7 weeks this weekend and I’m starting to feel the pull of sitting in a city for more than a few days. At the beginning, I was a whirlwind of excitement, pushing through city after city in record time. Barely enough time, really, to get a feel for it. But since Barcelona, I’ve relaxed.

And maybe a bit too much. This will be my 8th night in Lisbon. Proceeded by 5 nights in Madrid and 10 nights in Barcelona. I can’t say I’m not taking full advantage of the weather either. I’m truly loving it. But maybe a bit too much.

But before I give you a deep travel update, I’ll give you a nice quick one on Madrid.


I ended up traveling to madrid with two lovely aussies girls I had met, Maddi and Breanna, in my hostel in Barcelona. They were headed to the same hostel in Madrid as me, so it worked out really well. As soon as I got there, I was thrown into the deep end. If you’ve ever wanted to party in Spain, Madrid is the place to do it. Don’t even worry about those silly beach clubs in Barcelona, cause Madrid is where it’s at.

I arrived half an hour into a open bar “Power Hour.” And you best believe I made up for the lost time. At this point, I ran into a guy Steve from Rome and Barcelona. I think I told you about him. I also ran into Mitchell, a kiwi that I met in Florence with Tabea and Jamie. I actually love traveling so much more when things like this happen. I have run into different travelers from different cities in almost every place I’ve been. Truly an incredible experience.

But anyway. Madrid. Made up for my missed time, went pub crawling, got lost while pub crawling, got home, found my bed somehow, went to sleep. Good time. Really good time. IMG_8339

The next day, I took off across town, in search for a free walking tour. I ended up with the aussie girls on an incredibly informative tour with a Scottish accented Spanish woman.Unfortunately, I didn’t take many photos in Madrid. And if I’m honest, it was just a blur of halloween festivities, churros, and swindling free pub crawls.

Lovely city though, I just wish I knew more about the history of it to care a bit more about it. But unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. I guess I’ll just have to go back more prepared next time. But yeah. Not a ton to say about Madrid, but lovely city.


Alright. Now I’m done. I’ll see you guys in a couple days when I photodump Lisboa. Miss you already.

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