Ireland. Part 2 of 2.

Alright. We made it to the next part in record time. Aren’t you so proud?

So, Cork county covers much of the southwest of Ireland. My father grew up in this little village off of Cork Harbour named Ringaskiddy. I know I said that the people changed, but this town definitely stood still. If not for the newly built massive pharmaceutical


My sister on the beach in Ringaskiddy, Co Cork.

factories dotting the countryside, it’s as if time stopped. Ireland seems to have this way of preserving life and Ringaskiddy sat like an old painting, each perfect stroke capturing the intricacies of the hillside. The same dirt roads, the same people and the same lazy river pace. In a way, Ringaskiddy feels like more of a home than anywhere else. Maybe it’s the reliability. Maybe it’s the intimacy. And maybe it’s just me, making things up about a place I only know through a child’s eye.

Or maybe it’s just the warmth of my grandparents house. Knowing that my father grew up racing through those halls. Knowing he played in those hillsides and biking down those roads. Maybe that’s why it feels like home. Maybe because, once upon a time, it was his.

So, yeah. Sorry for going all sentimental with you there. We had his funeral the following day. I’m unsure what you want from a funeral, but I do know I cried a lot. Which was good? It was beautiful. It was intimate. It was what it was.

20170321-IMG_7818 2

The colors in Cork city

I stayed in Cork for a week following the trip, taking day trips to Cork city, Carrigaline, Cobh and Crosshaven and Kinsale. Cork is such a beautiful place. If you ever get the chance to go visit, get on that. It’s beautiful. Everyone has an almost sing-songy Irish accent. And I truly believe the paint stores only sell bright colours because everything looks like it stepped out of a child’s colouring book. It’s beautiful.


St. Coleman’s cathedral in Cobh, Co Cork.

Okay. Now, I’m going to photo dump. Because this was really my first experiences with my camera. And a lot of my stay in Cork was spent drinking tea and eating biscuits with my family, and less about exploring the area. You know, doing the whole funeral thing.


Just freezing a little bit in Cobh, with more tea.


I seriously love all the colors in Cobh.



Cobh is a must see guys.

Okay. That’s it for Ireland. (For now.) Let’s see where we get off to next. Thanks for sticking with me.

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