The “Things That Make Me Happy” Post

I live on an island off the coast of Alaska. For the last three weeks, the clouds have made it their mission to completely destroy any chance I had of spending the spring outside. It has been either fogged out, lashing rain or hailing every day since I came home. Needless to say, SAD (Seasonal-Affective-Disorder) is setting in. In light of this, I decided today that I don’t want to foster negative thoughts.

So. Here’s to spending an hour with a good playlist and a cup of tea, thinking of all the things that make me happy.

  1. Having six-pack abs. (Granted, I have never had six-pack abs. The best I’ve got is maybe some flabby indents when I flex. BUT I’m sure when I get there, it will make me pretty happy.)
  2. Sunday morning breakfasts
  3. Waffles made with anything and everything, especially chocolate
  4. Finding new music on spotify and making playlists
  5. Ab workouts (In hopes of #1)
  6. Yoga with the sun streaming in the windows
  7. Flying on airplanes
  8. Calculus. (Oh yes. I know it’s an odd activity, but calculus gets me going. )
  9. Raisins
  10. Seeing boys in the store buying flowers because you know they’re about to make someone’s day
  11. Getting to know new people
  12. The ‘running high’
  13. Traveling to new places
  14. The color pink
  15. The sunset from a hammock
  16. The sunrise from a tent
  17. The sunrise from a mountaintop
  18. Coconut oil
  19. Hiking new mountains
  20. Looking at other people’s photos
  21. Vegan food
  22. Indian food
  23. Buying balloons for no reason
  24. Really big cookies
  25. Summiting mountains
  26. To Be Continueddddd

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