THE ALL TIME BEST Instagram Accounts to Follow

  1. Ellenmahoohe. Me, of course. If you ever want to see what I’m up to, you can find out here.
  2. Kivadievs. If you ever want to see what I’m up to from another person’s perspective, you can follow my sister, Kiva. We are undoubtedly posting about each other. Also, she has some pretty sick posts. She’s always in search of an adventure, and gives you a pretty alaskan perspective. Love her.
  3. aksalmonsisters. Okay. SalmonSisters is a brand designs by two Alaskan fishermen, inspired by the North Pacific and its sustainable fisheries. They donate a can of wild salmon for every product sold. Beautiful, reliable gear and truly alaskan photos showing the reality of fishing up here.
  4. jovellyism. Jovell is an amazing photographer out of Anchorage, AK. He has beautiful film and boudoir photos. 10/10 would recommend him. Really beautiful and presents such an elegance in intimate shots. Outstanding.
  5. kodiak.stag. If you have ever lived in the PNW or appreciate traveling or want to see beautiful photos, go follow him. He travels around the world with his photographer girlfriend kjpinc. I love seeing these photos cross my feed.
  6. humansofny. This is possibly one of the most important instagram accounts to ever follow. The culture and conversation is so eye-opening.
  7. natgeo. If you were to live in a hole for the rest of your life and only see the outside world through a phone, the natgeo account would be your saving grace. The photos are gorgeous and so incredibly diverse.
  8. gymsharkwomen. Alright. As a woman who has always been pretty self conscious about my weight and my size, gymshark has inspired me. The page is covered in confident, gorgeous, fit women in the pursuit of making themselves better. It promotes a healthy view of food and encourages exercise over diet. Plus their workout clothes are always so cute. If you need workout motivation or just enjoy wearing comfy clothes, check them out.
  9. womenwhohike. I love these ladies. I also love to hike. Chances are 8/10 times that I go outside, it’s to find a mountain for the day. Nature, exercise, laughs and amazing photos all in one place.
  10. Rei. Although I have some discomfort dropping hundreds for gear in REI, their pictures are fabulous, regardless. There’s something very empowering about all of the #ForcesOfNature they feature. Go check it out.
  11. Okay. I am definitely not done. More to come.


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