Reverse Bucket List – Navigating Waters

I only learned about reverse bucket lists recently. The idea is to appreciate all the cool things you have already done with your life. Like the things that make you unique. So here are 100 events that have shaped me into who I am today.

  1. Went commercial fishing
  2. Went downhill skiing just a little tipsy
  3. Skinny Dipping
  4. Made a hammock city with tons of friends
  5. Went to Europe
  6. Went to the east coast
  7. Went to the west coast
  8. Went to Ireland
  9. Went to London
  10. Went to Oxford (the town, not the uni)
  11. Went to Barcelona
  12. Did a frontflip on a trampoline and stuck it.
  13. Hiked Barometer (This massive mountain in my town)
  14. Started a blog
  15. Went ice skating on a frozen lake
  16. Attended/Played in a jazz festival
  17. Did a polar bear plunge
  18. Gave blood (4x)
  19. Ran a 5k
  20. Rode a unicycle
  21. Saw the Northern Lights
  22. Jumped off the side of a boat
  23. Made Christmas cabins!! (A wayyy better name for gingerbread houses)
  24. Saw the Nutcracker Ballet at Christmas time
  25. Went to a homecoming dance with 20 dates. (More like a squad thing and less of danced with 20 guys in one night thing)
  26. Watched the sunset with a stranger
  27. Went to the Alaska State fair
  28. Went kayaking
  29. Went rock-climbing
  30. Spent the weekend with friends in a cabin
  31. Built and jumped off a buoy swing ( Major thrill )
  32. Built some hammocks out of fishing web
  33. Ordered vegan food at a restaurant
  34. Had a sushi date out of the back of a car
  35. Lit and sent off sky lanterns
  36. Was prom queen??
  37. Flew kites on mountain tops
  38. Visited a glacier
  39. Tried veganism for a year
  40. Was valedictorian in high school
  41. Won state solo and ensemble contest with the jazz band
  42. Hosted an AASG conference (Alaska Association of Student Governments)
  43. Performed with Pink Martini (love them)
  44. Rode/drove a motorcycle through Barcelona
  45. Went clubbing in London
  46. Had a hot date with myself on top of a city with a bottle of wine
  47. Watched the sunrise with myself
  48. Visited Oxford University
  49. Spent St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin
  50. Went to a hurling match in Ireland
  51. Watched a football (soccer) match in a pub
  52. Listened/watched traditional irish music on Grafton Street
  53. Snuck into Park Güell in Barcelona with strangers
  54. Got a free bottle of wine from a stranger
  55. Went camping
  56. Became a godmother
  57. Got to experience a good majority of Alaska’s coastline
  58. Made jam/jelly out of berries I picked
  59. When swimming under a waterfall
  60. Went cross country skiing
  61. Visited La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona
  62. Learned to read music/play instruments
  63. Watched the musical, “Grease”
  64. Watched a baseball game in Safeco field
  65. Went on a road trip through Alaska
  66. Volunteered at an animal shelter
  67. Was a Girl Scout
  68. Walked through a hedge maze and got lost
  69. Visited a castle
  70. Kissed in the rain
  71. Traveled solo
  72. Was a math tutor at university
  73. Ate gelato in five different countries
  74. Had authentic sangria in Barcelona
  75. Had authentic fish and chips in Ireland/U.K
  76. Saw the Rosetta stone at the British museum in London
  77. Spent the day with a student I met at Oxford
  78. Visited the Turf Tavern in Oxford (dates back to the 1300s)
  79. Had a massive water balloon fight
  80. Rode a train on my own
  81. Had a Molly Malone donut at Rolling Donuts at Stephen’s Green in Dublin
  82. Went to band camp
  83. Took a math class over the summer
  84. Had a cup of tea in England
  85. Went on a date with someone I met on the internet
  86. Rode a longboard
  87. Made sushi at home
  88. Did a liquid cleanse for a week
  89. Went swimming in the ocean
  90. Had authentic tapas in Barcelona
  91. Went to the Palo Alto Market in Barcelona
  92. Went penguin sledding
  93. Went to a massive bonfire
  94. Went squad camping with 25 people
  95. Made vegan black bean burgers while camping
  96. Organized a funeral
  97. Attended uni
  98. Ran a crab booth at Kodiak’s crab festival
  99. Went to Kew Gardens in London
  100. Grew up in Alaska

So. That’s my 100 so far, though I’m sure there are a ton more. Every single one of these events have impacted my life in boundless ways.

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