Top 5 Podcasts I listen to ALL the time (I wish I were joking..)

Alright. I’m one of those people who wonders what people are listening to when you see them walking around with their headphones in.

Are they boppin to some pop songs, seeing their life as a music video? Are they listening in on an important conference call? Are they talking to the love of their life that lives halfway across the world?? Who knows, it could be anything.

Which brings me to my post today. I walk around with my headphones in quite a lot. Probably for an almost unhealthy social-recluse-y amount of time. And though I do my fair share of boppin to my inner music video, most of the time, I’m listening to podcasts. I LOVE PODCASTS. Man, the stigma against podcasts has gone on too long. People will binge netflix shows for days at a time, but listening to people interview and talk about current political events and scientific discoveries is “lame”? To hell with that. Podcasts are bomb. And I can almost guarantee you’ll learn something.

So.My Top 5 Podcasts I Listen to ALL the Time” post.


  1. Radiolab. I would binge radiolab episodes everyday if I hadn’t already listened to them all. Radiolab is a show about curiosity. Mostly science and technology, but it covers everything from meat allergies to football to gamma technologies for the treatment of alzheimer’s. Amazing podcast. Amazing people. Amazing interviews. 10/10 would recommend. MorePerfect_1400X1400_NoWNYCSTUDIOSa. Subsection of Radiolab (it’s not cheating, I swear). MORE PERFECT. This is a spinoff mini series from Radiolab that discusses Supreme Court cases. If you have any interest in law at all, listen to this. If you don’t have any interest in law at all, listen to this anyway. It describes the cause, reasoning and impact of supreme court cases with ease (and with less confusing legal terms for the average joe like me). Love this podcast. You will learn with this one. icon_344098539-f089cf02094b52708d0979b026a157aa5a1e3ac1
  2. Wait, Wait… Don’t Tell Me! Hilarious show. This podcast basically plays a game show discussing the current events, mostly political. It’s a great, funny way to learn the gist of the news without sitting down to watch the news. nerdistpodcastv2
  3. Nerdist. Okay, I don’t listen to this one nearly as much as the rest of them, but it deserves an honorable mention. Nerdist is a comedy podcast, run by Chris Hardwick, that talks about “all things nerdy” and hosts a number of incredibly famous people. This was my first podcast. It popped my podcasting cherry. I started listening to Chris, Jonah and Matt four years ago while out fishing. I would download all the episodes before I left on the trip and just listen to them on wheel watch. Incredibly entertaining.onthemedia
  4. On The Media. As you can probably tell by now, the only way I hear about any news is from podcasts. This podcast essentially describes how media shapes our world view and our perceptions of events. Learning about how media distorts events through more media. Love it. Great show though. ted_sq-3426270a541795b78233a698dd7965d407545cf3-s300-c85
  5. TED Radio Hour. If you haven’t seen a TED video yet, go watch one. Right now. This very second. The TED Radio Hour takes excerpts from TED Talk presentations and compiles them according to a common theme – such as the source of happiness, power shifts or inexplicable connections. Love this podcast. Love TED Talks. Just a whole lot of love.

So. There’s my post. Yet another example of how I rarely fit into the typical college freshman mold. Love you guys. Thanks for reading. I’ll be over here bingeing podcasts instead of netflix. Anyone down for some Radiolab and chill?


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