Playlist of the Month: Take ✌️

Well. It’s March 2nd today, so I’m already behind. Classic Ellen. Oh well, it is what it is.

This commemorates the monthiversary of the long awaited “Playlist of the Month” post. You can listen to last months one, here.  I love these. I love finding new music. I love sharing new music. I hope you’re into it. (Go follow me on Spotify)

So. This past week or so, I discovered Masego. HAWT DAMNNN, he is fantastic! You can expect at least 4 songs in here from him. “YOU GON’ LEARN SOME JAZZ TODAY” and “Girls That Dance” are must haves. Can’t get enough of him. His Loose Thoughts album just might change your life.

There are some other really great pieces in here, including Trey Songz new release, “Playboy”, John Mayer’s “Still Feel Like Your Man” ( hits you right in the feels ) and Future’s new “Comin Out Strong.”

Artists I have been pretty obsessed with are Sir the Baptist, Menehan Street Band, Childish Gambino (of course), Mullally, Pretty Sister, and nobigdyl.

The Top 8 Songs I Cannot Stop Listening To Today
1. Pony – Pretty Sister

Okay. I get that this is just a remix of the Genuwine original. I get that. But I also can’t help but really love it. It’s like a fresh version of the original, with just bit more bass. Just as sexy as the original. If we’re completely honest though, the reason I’m so obsessed with this song is because I recently watched the Lip Sync Battle of Channing Tatum and his wife.  So cute. So funny. Great song, even the remix.

2. The Traitor – Menahan Street Band

I don’t know what the instruments are in this song. I do know there’s some pretty rockin bass and brass stuff that gets me going. I listen to this a lot. Reminds me of old jazz band days.


Alright. As if you haven’t heard enough about Masego already. I love this song. I love this artist. I love this album. He gives me great feels. The album was a gift wrapped version of loose EP’s and freestyles that he compiled and released on his birthday in 2016. Listen to this song, if any, on this playlist. Beautiful. Progressive. Fresh. Infectious.

4. Now and Later – Sage the Gemini

Deep down, I truly believe everyone wants to dance around all of the time. This song makes me want to dance. Always listen to song that make you want to dance.

5. Make Me Smile – Sam Ock

Okay. THIS SONG IS MY JAM. Wake up sad? Listen to this song. Want to dance? Listen to this song. Want to smile? Listen to this song. Need to get up and run on the treadmill? Listen to this song. Looking for a song to soundtrack your life? This is it.

6. Purple Dinosaur – nobigdyl.

If I’m 100% honest, I found this song yesterday. And in the past 24 hours, I have been OBSESSED with it. It’s a little Chance the Rapper esc. Great message, great rhythms, great piano ( you know how much I love piano riffs), great symbolism. I love this song. I love this song. I love this song. You should love this song. He just recently released his Canopy album. 100% killer.

7. Wake Up (feat. ChuchPeople) – Sir the Baptist

Found my homie Sir the Baptist last week in my discover weekly (big fan this week). Son of a preacher in Chicago, Sir the Baptist brings a new, raw voice to genre crossing. This song makes me feel some typa way. There’s jazz, gospel, hip-hop, everything good and pure in the world mashed into a beautiful sociocultural statement. Love this song. Love this guy. Can’t wait for more from him.

8. Still Feel Like Your Man – John Mayer

Okay. This is possibly the most out of place song in this playlist. Less jazz, less electronic, more sweet, more acoustic, more almost.. basic? It’s a really great quality relatable song. I made sure to add it to this month’s playlist just cause I love hearing it, regardless of it’s placement in everything else. John Mayer is killer. Everyone should want to date John Mayer. His music is so cute.

Regardless, it’s a playlist full of bangers. I listen to these on the treadmill every night. Lots a great jazz/soul influences. Love it. I hope March brings you great things, and maybe these songs can be part of them (wink, wink). Love you guys. Be back again soon.

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