Getting to Know Ellen: What’s My Personality Type??

I met a guy once that was obsessed with personality tests. He knew exactly what his star sign was, his monthly gemstone, his quizzed strengths and weaknesses, proposed career paths, traits that meshed with his in romantic relationships… the whole nine yards. I’d say he probably let personality quizzes rule his entire life. He even made me do one, pulling up a quiz on his phone during lunch one afternoon.

Granted, it’s probably better to know  your own strengths and weaknesses so you can better work with other people, but, you know… not to let it rule your life. In the end, I actually forgot my test results, so…

My New and Improved Personality Test Results!!

I am an ESTJ. According to Myers-Gibbs, this identifies me as an “Executive.” Now doesn’t that sound intimating. I’m an Executive. The name itself sounds powerful, but also slightly… cold? Do you guys get that too?

Anyway. The way the Myers-Gibbs personality test works is that it asks you 100 questions and you rate them from Agree a ton to Disagree a ton. It then spits out whether you’re and E/I – Extroverted or Introverted, S/I -Sensitive or Intuitive, T/F – Thinking or Feeling, J/P – Judging or Perceiving.

Mine was ESTJ, which seems to mean that I am a more extroverted, sensitive, thinking and judging personality. Which is cool? Good to know, right?

So. If you’re just itching to know your personality, go take the test! It only takes a few minutes and could potentially change the way you see yourself/other people. Good Luck!

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