Getting Crafty: How to Spread Love This Valentine’s Day

Alright. So somewhere between the end of elementary school and the beginning of high school, everyone decides to stop spreading love and start directing it towards only a few people. What’s that about. Everyone deserves love. Always.

Why should we stop giving out Valentine’s to everyone just cause we’ve specifically labeled people as boyfriends/girlfriends. You have enough love to spread, why only use it on one person, you know? And besides, giving/getting Valentine’s from people who care about you is so uplifting.

My goal this year is to spread as much love as I can – maybe it’s cause I don’t actually have a boyfriend for the first Valentine’s day in 5 years, but…let’s not think about that. In the spirit of gushy, overly-broadcasted love, I decided to send out Valentine’s cards/candy to people this year.IMG_5478.jpgI made these cards on (my favorite). With a short and sweet little message and cute picture, it’s fairly easy to make.

valentines-3Valentines (2).jpgvalentines-1

I spent the rest of the day writing out letters to the people on my list. Everyone deserves love, right? That’s a good mantra. Keep that mantra.

So, this was the finished product!IMG_5467.jpgIMG_5484.jpgAfter hunting down addresses and getting postage sorted, I tucked in a little packet of skittles and sent out my valentines. 15 people are about to be very very sure that I love them this year.

Anyway. That was my experience with making/sending out valentines this year. I hope you take this as an inspiration to make spreading love a priority this year. Happy Valentines guys. I love you.

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